Exploring the Human Body (6 Wall Charts) - Educational Wall Chart Pack in English

6 pcs / Ages 8+ / English
Sale price$26.00 USD

Anatomy 101 for any enquiring child or student of biology! Take advantage of all that our Exploring the Human Body charts have to offer. Clear and detailed coloured illustrations that help explain the structures of the major organs of the body, one chart includes also cell make-up. Provide an insight into the marvels of the human body and help encourage further curiosity. Hang on the wall for children to see every day: these complex systems need time and study to understand

Pack includes:

  • 6 wall charts
  • Downloadable audio-visual versions of the charts using unique QR codes.

Features includes:

  • Easy to read from a distance
  • A texture which is perfect to use with write-on/wipe-off crayons.
  • A laminated surface which increases durability



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