123 Publishing House was founded in 1999 to utilise its founder’s very extensive experience. The company’s passion is education. Since then, 123’s attractive and enlightening pedagogical products have been used by teachers in classrooms,parents in home-learning, and kids in their playrooms across the globe.

Our Products

We take pride in producing beautifully designed and carefully priced educational materials that meet exacting standards in terms of quality, educational appropriateness, and value. All products are developed by qualified Native-English educators and undergo rigorous inspection by educational consultants before they are released onto the market. The results are much-loved educative items that make learning fun and encourage positive interaction between teacher and pupil, and parent and child.

123’s popular selection of educational products includes:

  • High-quality storybooks and educational non-fiction books
  • Colourful wall charts, classroom accessories and bulletin boards
  • Workbooks that support the school curriculum, fun-filled and challenging activity books, and colouring books
  • Attractive stationery, fancy stickers, memory flashcards, and many engaging games   
  • …so much more!

Our Global Reach

With the support of our talented writers, illustrators and consultants, 123 Publishing House Ltd. has become a leading global educational publishing company. With rapidly expanding international sales, 123 continues to maintain its core values of outstanding quality and educational excellence.